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What is the best long lasting non smear lipstick on the market...asked by brandi rose?

long wear best to hold shine and color.What is the best long lasting non smear lipstick on the market...asked by brandi rose?
I am absolutely obsessed with Juicy Wear from Lancome. It comes in a variety of shades and some of them are sheer. What I like best about it is that it doesn't dry my lips out, or get an odd texture when I reapply.

The lesson that I learned in applying any all day lipstick, is that the key is NOT to apply it to your bottom (or top) lip and then rub the lips together to get an even coat. You need to apply a separate coat of your long wearing lip stick to EACH lip (and DON'T rub them together), and then let it dry for a minute before applying the gloss. This will keep the texture of the product ultra smooth, and the color rich.

As for the gloss, I love the one provided by the Juicy Wear. It's ultra-moist, and not sticky. Once the gloss and the lip pigment mix together, they have sort of a waxy feeling to them that makes my lips feel like I'm wearing balm instead of lip stick. Although the high shine look only lasts for a couple of hours, my lips look moisturized even when I don't have time to reapply the gloss.

Another neat trick to use involves basic lip liner and matte lip stick. If you line your lips and then apply a coat of matte lip stick, and then blot and reapply about three times, your pigment will last ALL DAY. Then all you have to do is carry around some clear gloss. It's awesome.

I've also had some success by applying a product called DeGroovy from Benefit (available at macy's or sephora.com) all over my lip after I line it. Then I apply lipstick as usual. DeGroovy is a clear wax that will accept any pigment, and prevent the lipstick from soaking into the lip, keeping your color looking fresh. Plus, the wax is like a balm on the lips, keeping them from drying out during the day.

Another product to try is Super Gloss from Makeup Forever (available at sephora.com and Sephora). It's a waterproof lip gloss that won't come off on your glass or sandwich. Unlike most lip glosses that are oil or waterbased, this one has a silicone base that keeps it from soaking into your lips. The shine lasts for 5-6 hours, and the pigmented glosses look like lipsticks on the lips, they're so loaded with pigment. Bonus: the clear gloss will seal off pretty much any lipstick, preventing the color from fading.What is the best long lasting non smear lipstick on the market...asked by brandi rose?
Just be careful with long wear lipstick, what they don't tell you is that some of the longlasting lipstick has lead in it, which is bad for you.
I would have to go with Avon. I buy many prudocts from Avon. They have very nice lipsticks that wont smudge after light.
I don't wear lipstick except when I'm performing with my troupe (I hate makeup!) but Max Factor's long lasting lipstick (is it lipfinity?) hasn't smeared or rubbed off. You basically paint your lips with one tube of the stuff and then the other tube moistens and adds gloss. You only need to paint your lips once a day (according to the package) and add the gloss as needed.
Fashion fair is the best and the smoothest lipstick. It stays on all day without smearing. I have found it to be the best.
Use the cover girl outlast lip color it lasts long and the shine stays on for hours.
I use L'OREAL ENDLESS It works really great and you don't get that really dry feeling.
Try Avon's Perfect Wear lipstick. Stays on while eating as well. Check out the other lipstick products as well.


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